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Wrought Iron Fencing Repair

Wrought Iron Fencing Repair in Fairfax, Virginia


With the amount of money you have to pay for fencing, it’s already considered to be an investment. See, a fence can improve the overall exterior look of your property, and thus, adds a great value. That’s why, here at Fairfax Iron Fencing, we make certain that every dollar you spend on fencing will be totally worth it.


Common Causes of Wrought Iron Fencing Damages

Though wrought iron fences are known for being durable, strong, resistant, and long lasting, they are not invincible. They can also be damaged and broken at some point of time. Instead of installing a new one, you can just opt to have your damaged fences repaired.

Among the common causes of iron fence damages are age, accidents, and extreme weather conditions.

AGE – Wrought iron fences can sure last for years and because of that, you can imagine how much they have been through. It’s natural for old fences to start deteriorating. And even if it’s not damaged, a good iron fencing repair can sure bring back its former glory.

ACCIDENTS – You’ll never know when accidents may happen. Like many other things, your fence, no matter how durable it may be, is not safe from getting hit by a speeding car or other vehicle.

EXTREME WEATHER CONDITIONS – No matter where you live, weather conditions can also be a problem. Prolonged exposure to the scorching heat of the sun or blistering winter can surely damage any fence.


Wrought Iron Fencing Repairs VS Reinstallation

If you are still not sure if you’d rather have your damaged fence repaired or just install a new one, you need to read these points below

Benefits of Residential Fencing

– Depending on the damage, repairs are normally more cost effective than having a new fence installed. With wrought iron repairs, the whole structure is already there, you just need to have the damaged part fixed.

Your annual fencing maintenance should also be enough to cover and repair minimal damages.

Repairs can save you from intensive installation process.

– While huge fence damages can take hours or days to be properly repaired, installation is still more intensive.


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