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Iron Fencing in Fairfax, Virginia

As one of the leading fencing companies in Fairfax, VA, Fairfax Iron Fencing has built a great reputation in providing the best iron fencing services, using high caliber fencing materials, and outstanding work ethics.
We have been offering fencing services all over the area for many years. As industry experts, our mission is to provide reliable, affordable, and efficient fencing options to all home and property owners in Fairfax, VA.

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For years, Fairfax Iron Fencing has remained to be the city’s leading fencing company. Our experience, overall skills, craftsmanship, and premium services are the main reasons why we have our loyal customers. Whether you’re looking to install a commercial or residential fence, repair an old fence or install a new one, or build a custom fence that will match your needs, our team can get the job done fast and easy.

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